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Brighton wasn’t on my to-do list until we found out the friend who we were staying with had a fun run there the day after we arrived in the UK. I looked up the seaside town, read the word “weird” and was sold. While she ran we were going to explore the lanes.

We woke up early on Saturday and she and her mates decided to not do the fun run after all. But I sill wanted to see the town so we decided to drive there. Turns out its a short drive, about half an hour from where they stay. I swear I fell in love with Brighton instantly. It’s like Woodstock on steroids, but way less dodgy. The streets are filled with all sorts of characters. From people with rainbow Mohawks to Bobbies in stockings. I loved every weird second. We got lost in the lanes (Narrow side streets full of small specialty and charity shops)

We had no actual plans other than walking the streets and getting a beer somewhere. It was glorious and only cost us the price of the parking and the beer. Be prepared to walk though. You WILL get lost in the lanes and spend hours browsing all the cool things you see. We saw an Arms Store and of course Oscar had to see EVERYTHING in it. From real Samurai swords to a Vampire Killing Kit, complete with holy water.

Brighton is an hours train ride from London (on the high speed) and oh-so worth it. The streets are lined with colourful graffiti so art is everywhere. Keep an eye open and you will spot quite a few Banksy pieces scattered over the town. Also everyone is just SO friendly. I suggest making no plans when visiting Brighton and just letting the town show you itself. Shop a little, perhaps get something weird from a charity shop or stop in at one of the MANY galleries and get a piece of local art to take home.

Of course end off your day with a long walk on the shore front towards the famous Brighton Pier. Its all sorts of kitch and has street food and an arcade at the end. (I hate arcades but its Brighton so it had to be seen)

Another beautiful place seen and we didn’t have to spend a fortune doing it.


He wanted Icecream from a little shop called Boho Gelato.

This little place sells nothing but weird things made from chocolate. It is so cool.

Everything you see is made from chocolate (except the crate) and yes the dog has a poephol.

She might be tiny but she was warm. 

It says “Moer” and I am a child.


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