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Copyright – All content and images on Greenlydia are property of Lydia Coetzee unless otherwise stated. If you wish to use any of the content please contact me to discuss.

Functions – I work full time and reside between Cape Town and Johannesburg. Since I love what I do, I am generally only available after hours and weekends. Given enough prior notice I would be able to attend day time events.  I would really appreciate a plus 1. I reserve the right to publish any thoughts on the event but will always provide the organiser with a copy before publishing.

Reviews – I am not particularly fond of writing (or reading) product reviews. But if you wish to WOW me with something, I would be up for a challenge. I will not post negative product reviews, I will contact the provider directly.

Advertising Space – Hey would you look at that –>  pretty white advertising space. Contact me for rates or exchange of trade.

Payments – I am open to exchange of trade.


I like talking to people. Want to work with me? Give me a shout.

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