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I don’t like going to the beach.


There I said it. I am a Cape Townian.(born in Somerset West) that does not enjoy a day spent at the beach. I think it’s a combination of wind, sand in your face and well everywhere and the whole being in the sun thing. Its just not all that relaxing to me. Its not at all wearing skimpy swim suits in public. With tat I am quite comfortable. I recently spent a day at Sun City’s Valley of the waves walking around  in nothing but the swim suit for hours. I am curvy. Chunky even, but I don’t mind showing it off.


I might not like spending a full day at the beach, but nothing soothes my soul like a walk along the shore. There is just something about an evening walk along crashing waves. Warm hoodie and hair in  a ponytail. That is me.


But because I married a man that does not get sun burnt. ever. And loves the water. I go along and spend some time at the beach with him. Over the last few years I have been adding things to my beach bag to…lighten the blow. if you will. Items that make the wind and sand bearable and makes you comfortable enough to go straight from the beach to a sun downers (in beach road)


Here is my list of goodies: 

High UV and SPF sunscreen. I only wear 50+. Guys I am pale. Fair skinned se moer. I am PALE. I blame my Irish blood. Always always always reapply after playing in the water. Or just every hour or so. The sun is dangerous.

Bazz Lurhman had a point when he dished out advice to the class of 99. Wear sunscreen. Wear all of it.

I use Nivia 50+ I like the non greasy feel.

I use Eucutrin (Also 50+) on my face and neck (every day of my life. Even If i never leave the house) Besides for the obvious protection, it also has such a matt finish. Great for hot days.


Sylva Sun pills. Yup its sunscreen in a pill form, and it works.

Hair oil. While Beauty gurus will tell you the oil “tames fly-aways” I just think it makes your hair mince a little less. I use the Coconut hair butter from The Body Shop. This tin has lasted me two seasons.

Pack a cover-up/something other than your towel. If you want to go for a walk along the shore or just have something dry to sit on for the ride home. The Kikoy I use, I bought in Mombasa Kenya in 2005 but I have since seen them all over SA. They are great investments year round.

Take cheap sunglasses to the beach. Those ones you get for free with a magazine do the job just fine. Unless you own a pair of nice sunnies for everyday of the week and wont be seen dead in anything other than a name brand (In which case none of the items on this list will impress or assist you). Beach sand scratches and you might just loose them in the waves. You will cry far less over a free pair than a R3000+ pair.

My pair is from last month’s issue of the Marie Claire. Pretty and cheap. WIN.

Always pack bobby pins and hair bands. If you want to keep your hair dry they are a must. They also help shape your hair into something should you want to look decent enough to grab cocktails after your beach day.

Body lotion. The salty water always seems to leave my skin just a tad dry. A small bottle of Palmers always saves the day.

Deodorant. This one is a given. Whatever you like to use, you should always have some in your beach bag.

BB Cream. I don’t like heavy make up after a day in the sun/ at the beach. Be kind to your skin. Use a good moisturizer and apply some BB cream with your fingertips and you are good to go.

Mascara. Again, not one you spent a fortune on. My beach bag mascara is from Essence and with just a little BB cream and good lashes you will looked so fresh faced you won’t need other makeup.

Panados. Because I always carry some.

The bag I put all this in is the coolest little “Travel” vanity I bought from Checkers for R50. SCORE.



Remember the obvious ones, big sun hat, towels, frisbee, the usual stuff you know.

Have happy beach days guys!




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