Bath and its Romans.

This was my second visit to beautiful Bath, in Somerset South West England. It’s about a 2 hour train ride from London.  (On the high speed)

Oscar’s brother Paul and his Wife Sam have been living in Bath for many years and every time we visit, we understand why they haven’t moved.  Bath is old. But not Ye Old Englandy. Its Roman Old. 2000 years to be exact. The town evolved and grew around the world renowned Roman Baths.  It is a must see for all visitors. Last time we visited we did not go to the Roman baths but instead was treated to a day at the modern Spa. Using the same healing waters that the Romans used, this 3 story modern spa is heaven on earth. (We soaked in a hot pool on the roof overlooking the Abbey. Yes. Be jealous)

So upon our arrival this time around Paul treated us, (me, because Os saw it when he lived in bath for a while) to a visit to the Roman Baths. Situated in the centre of town back to back with the stunning old Abbey the Baths still stand in all their glory.

I suggest visiting on a weekday as there weren’t too many other guests. Just a tour group here and there.  You get the headset that looks like a phone and punch in the numbers at each stop to hear the description in your language of choice.

Guys, it’s fascinating.  The whole place has this feel about it. Maybe it was the hot steam everywhere fogging up my mind but I was immediately transported back in time. The water itself which was thought to be “boiling” by the Romans, Is actually hot water bubbling up to the surface from deep within the earth. The bubbles are formed by gas in travelling up to the surface. The water is almost a constant 30’C .  It is amazing to think they knew how to build and maintain saunas and steam rooms with UNDERFLOOR HEATING, 2000 years ago.

It was also a religious hub back in day, drawing people from all walks of life and all corners of the world. The remains of an man from Indonesian decent was found there.

You are not allowed to touch the water in any of the pools but the main pool is rather open and I couldn’t resist but to stick my toe in quickly just to feel it.  The water is 20 times more rich in minerals than Evian water.

When you find yourself in Bath, stand in the queue, feel the energy of the people who built it and bathed there. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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The front of the Abbey



The actual bath where the water bubbles to the surface. This pool feeds water into the rest of the spa. You can actually hear the bubbling.

DSC_0028 DSC_0027

The back of the Abbey peeking out over the main bath room. 



‘Sup Cesar 





These streams feed the steaming water to each of the other rooms and baths.

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