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I am one of those awkward people when it comes to gifts. I LOVE giving people things. I love tiny details in gifts. Giving someone something special or cool makes me ridiculously happy. But whenever I get asked what I would like, I just stand there smiling and then opt out of the awkwardness with “Nothing, I have everything I need”

This is true. I do have everything I need. But a gift is something you want, not need. Right? We aren’t big on Christmas and my birthday notoriously sucks. Truth be told, I am just a girl hoping to unwrap something cool. Something someone put some thought into. My birthday is early January and I am used to it being a non-event because it’s so close to Christmas/New years. The past few months I have been making a list of goodies that I will buy for myself. A gift from me to me. All local goods (but one) From Booze to shoes. If these pretty things make me happy, perhaps they will make the special someone in your life happy too.

In no particular order, here is my gift guide for giving someone something a little different:

Bracelet from Janine Binneman Jewelry

Price: R550.00

The idea of personalised jewelry REALLY appeals to me. The thought of someone paying such close attention and getting you something so personal is the dream right? This phrase “She believed she could so she did”  is just perfect. They also make incredible custom made rings. I want them all.


Musgrave Pink Gin

What is summer without a gin & tonic? Local gin is where it’s at and I recently tried this beauty. I simply MUST have a bottle to enjoy next to the pool this Christmas.


Lush anything

To say I am obsessed with Lush is putting it lightly. Like I tell my husband, Lush money is hush money. If he really pissed me off just come home with something from Lush and all is forgiven.

Lush make these GORGEOUS prepackaged gift sets. Great for stocking fillers too.


Jane Sews -Mila Sandal

Price R799.00

Aren’t these just adorable? They would make the perfect summer, everyday sandal. The colours compliment everything from summer dresses to jeans and tshirts.


Polaroid fuji Instax film

This little baby was a birthday present from my friends this year and BOY OH BOY have I had fun with it. Whenever we have friends over the camera is on the table for anyone to snap a picture with. This has resulted in some of the most incredible candid photos. (This also means the films don’t last long) I would be extremely happy to get a stack of film packs.





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