And so we swam…in wine.

As most of you might have noticed, life got pretty damn crazy the last few weeks. ( I am SO sorry for being MIA, no excuse. But in my defense, travel makes posting kinda hard.)
We have been working on this seasons bloggers challenge since the last one in August and this past Saturday, 29 March 2014, It happened. We dipped people in wine.

My week started in another country. Another continent to be exact. I got back from Germany where I attended Prowein. (Post to follow soon) on Thursday morning. Just enough time for me to tip my bag upside down and pack a new one for my flight on Friday morning to Cape Town.
I am knackered. Like no guys, really. Running on empty here.
Anyway, Got to Cape Town and got straight to work with Elzanne delegating what needs to be done. She is the best event planner ever and had everything worked out to a T. Before long we were tying ribbons and sending out reminder mails to our guests. Julle ne, events is nie vir sussies nie. I called in reinforcements and had my sister on a ladder hanging bunting because I am to bang-gat to climb to the top of the ladder. I am eternally clumsy.

At 7ish we called it a day and went home for a nap only to return to the farm at the plumbers crack of dawn.


Tables settings proved to be a slight bitch because of the little gusts of wind peaking around the corners of the stoep.
10ish am guests started rolling in. We greeted everyone with a pretty cool Welcoming Card (designed by the fabulous Elzanne) and they quickly started talking amongst themselves. Some guests were slightly late and thus we started the day without them.
After introducing the team on the farm Ian (Baas Bees, the boer) got straight into it and presented a quick “This is how you cut a bunch off” & “This is how you avoid cutting your fingers off”. Would you knowit…someone cut her finger. Andy had to run back down to the office to get the first aid kit. The poor thin as a twig girl was so small already. Of course the cut bled like crazy and she had to be brought back to the office for a sit down. She was such a darling about it though and was soon laughing and having fun again.

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The other guest seemed to really enjoy it and took some amazing photos in the vineyards.

Meanwhile back at the cellar… the really late guests were pulling in. They missed the fun in the vineyards but were greeted with ice cold ice tea with French straws. Soon there after the rest of the “labourers” arrived back at the cellar.

Now the fun started. There was a quick, “please take off all jewellery and empty your pockets” Most listened…some, well let’s just say there was a staff meeting on how to find a ring in 8 tons of grapes.

The guests got to actually see how the grapes they picked were destemmed and for most of them this was a completely new experience. Which is what we aim to do.
Once the destemming was done, it was time to climb onto our open fermentation tanks. Swimming pool sized tanks. It was instant fun. I thought some would be grossed out by the almost slimy. I guess the ones who didn’t get in were grossed out but the ones who did get in had a BALL. There were grape fights and dips and people were floating in the grapes and one amazing woman even belly flopped in! Seriously, look.
After a public shower (hose hung in the cellar) the guests dried off and were as hungry as lions, so naturally we made them drink first. They were in for a treat and had unreleased wines. Some so fresh they have only been in tanks for 2 weeks. They were also treated to our VERY exclusive 100% Pinot Noir Beau Bubbly. The food came out and they seemed to be really happy with it. A stunning alfresco lunch prepared a local caterer who really knows her stuff. Hetta Van Der Merwe. (Go check her out on Facebook)

The day was ended off with amazing warm apple pie served with our famous Fat Pig Port. Our guests also got their own little bottle of port to take home. Hand filled, labelled and corked by Elzanne & I.

All in all a fantastically fun day. Every time we hold an event like this I learn something new. Sadly with all the good there comes some bad too. A few guests showed up who did not RSVP.But this is actually kind of awesome, seeing the event drew such a crowd, so YAY. Luckily our caterer cooks like she is feeding an army. We put together these days for PR and FUN to teach people what REALLY goes into a bottle of wine, the passion, the work, the sheer love.


Guests came, they had a blast, we had a blast. Time to start planning the next one.

Biggest thank you to every single guest who spent their Saturday getting dirty and sticky with us. It was lovely getting to know you all.

Sorry for the lack of photos, I am still busy raiding every staff members phone and camera to find the good ones. I will be doing a pictorial post soon.


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