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A hidden gin bar in the middle of an Orange Orchard. YES PLEASE.

This spectacular find is the newest addition on the same property as one of my favourite restaurants in Harties, Silver Orange Bistro. I saw a mention of the new Tapas and Gin Bar on their Facebook Page and had to go investigate. I mean, good gin in the Westrand? ABOUT TIME. (Technically not Westrand, but it is west of Joburg so it counts)

Almost Orange is a Gin, Wine and Tapas bar, a more relaxed dining space. We nearly didn’t find it. Upon arrival at Silver Orange Bistro, there were no clear signs to the new establishment. So after a 5-minute argument with my husband about asking for directions, I got out of the car and asked a waitron where it was. He directed us to drive into the orchard and just go straight. We did and there it was. IN THE MIDDLE of the orange orchard. A rather beautiful rustic building. We took a seat by the window (it was hot as all hell in Harties) and immediately fell in love with the gin selection. You can find everything from amazing local gins to imported gems and all at very reasonable prices.

We drank the gin a little too fast (it was REALLY hot okay) and ordered their Almost Orange signature cocktail to enjoy with our tapas for two.

Fig and duck samosas, halloumi, boiled lemon prawns, the most incredible hummus and lightly toasted bread. Look I suck at food photography on a good day and we were starving so excuse the blurry photo but I couldn’t wait to dig in.

If you find yourself in need of a good afternoon out go visit today. Give them a like on Facebook while you are at it.

Booking essential if you would like to try a meal at Silver Orange Bistro – Highly recommended.



The entrance. LOOK at those glorious doors.


   Pink Musgrave Gin with Fitch & Leedes Tonic and fresh raspberries.


Almost Orange.


Open and relaxed interior. 


Window seat.


The only photo of the food because I could honestly not wait to eat it. 



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