A walk in the park

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Well, a walk through the Zoo to be exact.

On the 22nd of October it is the annual Organ Donor Foundation 5km fun walk through the Joburg Zoo. This will be our 3rd year attending (and 2nd year forcing friends to come walk with us).

R100 gets you through the door and even a free Tshirt. I use mine to sleep in because I totally could not give a crap to actually spend money on PJs.

The walk starts at 8am and you just follow the crowd. The route winds past all the enclosures. It really is a very chilled walk. It always makes me happy to see just how many people actually show up to support this cause. If you find yourself looking for a great morning out on the 22nd I urge you to come join us.

Being an Organ Donor, or supporting the foundation means that even the kakest of people can do something good. It’s not about helping someone finish their story. It’s about helping them start theirs. I have friends who ask questions and have concerns about being a donor. “What I could be saved but they don’t because they want my organs” “What if I save someone who doesn’t deserve it” All valid questions and all get discussed on by the Foundation regularly. But I can promise you, when someone you love, someone you cannot imagine life without is in desperate need of an organ, none of the questions matter. You would give and do anything to save them. Make their life even the tiniest bit better. All reservations fall away and that card in your wallet that says “Organ Donor” means there is hope.

Come walk with me, I walk slowly I Promise.

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