So we’ve all seen them. Those black and white pictures of some guy with a dishevelled hairdo behind the letters of the quote he’s famous for. Quotes telling us to just be ourselves and embrace what set us apart from the next person.
It’s those kinds of quotes you plaster all over one or other social media platform when you’re having one of those “Fuck you world, I’m awesome” days.

But how many of us live boldly and unashamed? Being who we (REALLY) are, without apology?
The other day the boyfriend and I headed down to our local mall for a cinematic adventure. The mall was a vibrant cacophony of voices, bustling footsteps and the humdrum of shop music.
While standing in line to get some popcorn, my eye caught one of the most ridiculous sights I’ve ever seen.
A petite, average looking girl, dressed in sneakers, green tights, a white mesh tutu (That fanned out parallel with the floor), a red t-shirt and black leather jacket… Just take all of that in for a second. But to top it all off, she wore a pink wig, pinned in a side swept ponytail.

While I was unashamedly gawking at this girl, I was nudging the boyfriend, whispering “Can you believe that shit? How can someone leave their house dressed like that? Doesn’t she have parents?”
Maybe she was raised by colour blind orangutans? Maybe her house got robbed and that was the only items of clothing that didn’t get burgled? Maybe she just has really bad taste in clothes?
Or maybe she has more balls than a fucking walrus.

Yes, she looked ridiculous, but it was HER style, a true reflection of her personality. It made her feel like a sexy, happy and free, and she felt no need to hide it from the world. It’s inspiring really.
Can you imagine going through one day, just being you? Not hiding, pretending or toning it down?
There is no such thing as “normal” or “perfect”. These are just terms used to describe what society has deems acceptable.

Like that Marilyn Monroe once said,
“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
So go out and be loud, eat with your hands, laugh till you snort, be ridiculous, dress however the fuck you want, smile, talk to strangers, lick windows… do whatever the hell makes you feel sexy, happy and free!!
Unless of course you skin people and wear them as hats. That shit’s fucked up. You need help


By Anje Conradie ~ Naughty Lemon Drops 

If you laughed as much as I did, follow this link and read all her posts.




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  • Anon (guess who) September 20, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    hmmm thats great but I think even tonned down me is too much to handle… since when is licking people and pets considered ASSAULT!?!?!?

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