5 Estates I want to visit.

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The problem with working in the wine industry is I tend to want to visit friends estates over the December holidays. Taste what everyone has been up to, sit down for a quick chat. Its lovely actually.  But often I miss out on trying new things from big farms and the opportunity to discover smaller of places.


This year I thought I would make my visit list for the winelands far more reachable. Only 5 farms that have prickled my interest over the last year. Ranging from very large to very small.


Here is my list of who I want to visit and why.




I was recently invited to do a blind twitter tasting with them on 3 bottles of their The Mentors range. What a beautiful range. I simply must go and try the rest.

(wouldn’t mind a brandy tasting too)


JC Le Roux


I have never done a tasting here. Driven passed it more time I care to count but never stopped for the experience. I think its time I do.


Haut Espoir


Rob, the Gentle Giant himself, just seems so incredibly interesting to talk to. His wines exceed their reputation and with a colourful man like him a tasting here is a must.




Their Snow Mountain the mistress Pinot Noir is a recent favourite to my dinner table. I have a feeling they are hiding a few more gems in that tasting room. I will report back 😉


Glen Carlou


Their wines seem to spark my interest every few years. I Think its time I pay the farm a visit and see what they have to offer.


How do you explore the winelands? do you stick to what you know? go off the beaten track? or see who is tweeting about what?


let me know 😉

*all photos are taken from the respective wine estate websites






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