" The Average Traveller "

2am in an airport

Dubai International Airport.

Unremarkable notes

Much like a nightclub in your 20’s, the airport only seems to get busy after midnight. The building transforms from a vacant mall where you wonder how the stores make rent to a buzzing market of people buying overpriced perfumes, Hermes scarves, and gold watches.

I browsed duty free and smelt all the nice things. Considered buying something then put it back and opted for coffee. Decaf, because it’s been a damn long day.

I wanted to write about how you get a complimentary hotel room if your layover is longer than 8 hours, but it turns out this is a lot of admin and for the average lazy person its just not really worth the trouble. Unless red-tape blows up your skirt. Then go for it baby.

Instead I opted for a seat close to my gate, whipped out my laptop and got some emails done that I didn’t get to the day before.

The urge to nap is strong but the fear of missing my flight is keeping me awake. As is the guy next to me who keeps taking his shoes off, only to put them back on 5 minutes later, then takes them off again. This process has repeated itself 4 times. The need to ask “why” is growing stronger by the minute.

For a brief moment I contemplated going to Mcdonalds. But I figured they will feed me on a flight soon enough. Food isn’t cheap here.

When you travel for work vs a holiday the feeling is a lot different. When I travel for a break I am relaxed and I know there will be time to take a long shower and proper dump on the other end. Not so much for work. My to do list keeps running through my mind as well as how much work I have to cram into a few days. Then the panic sets in at the thought of all the work I am (hopefully) coming back with.

Truth be told your average South African can’t afford lavish holidays around Europe. You are far more likely to see bits of it in passing while traveling for work (If you are lucky enough)

Maybe I can’t write long posts about “What to pack on your holiday to Holland” but I can jot down some notes and tell you when to look left out of your Uber window to see the Anne Frank House, a cool building or where to find the cheapest food that wont kill you.

Currently really considering going to McDonalds. I have another hour before my flight.

Fuck it, I am off to buy a bag of fries.

Coffee helps



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