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Anyone feel like you have been holding your breath this whole year? January kicked off with a customary underwear dip in the pool. A fresh start. So much promise. So many wonderful things were right in reach.  February brought change. Change we were all ready for and change we have been learning to live with since. 2017 had the highest of highs (no really, loads of drugs were involved) and the lowest of lows. To mention but one it was having to be sedated in ICU after attempting to pull out all drips.

This year I made mistakes, I had amazing triumphs, I learned it was ok to ask for help, I realised I am stronger than what I thought. This year I got to see friends live and experience amazing things. I witnessed someone be able to make the decision to change their day job and work tirelessly to make it happen. I found out sometimes the worst thing that you think can happen, is actually the best. I learned that you never really know someone till you know someone, you know? I accepted that I really don’t like mincemeat. I am horrid at maths and I will always, always worry about my people being safe, healthy and happy. I drank some incredible wines, found my favourite pizza and got to see my beloved London again. I made new friends, I lost a few old ones and I accepted that I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. Face masks work wonders for tired and traveled out skin and oats still taste like shit.


Mostly I learned there truly is, no place like home.

Every year I list the significant places of the past 365 days. So here goes.



Greenlydia - A South African Travel Blog

Home. It’s a weird little town. Its dusty and smells like grain and I have loved a town more. This is home. These small and short Stop signs, the farm roads and the way it smells after the rain.




Greenlydia - A South African Travel Blog

Gosh, I love this town. A short 3-hour drive from Joburg and you have escaped into rolling hills and starlit skies and towns so small only the main road is tarred.

I was lucky enough to experience the green lush rolling hills in summer and also escape in the mid-winter to stare at golden fields from a hot tub with some of my favourite people.



Wits Donald Gordon Medical center

Greenlydia - A South African Travel Blog

As much as I dislike this building. It housed a miracle. My best friend got a second chance at life here and for that, I will always be grateful.


London holds a piece of my heart. Every time I visit I can’t fathom why I left the last time. The city is so old, yet always changing. I can spend ages just wandering around, from museum to museum and from coffee shop to coffee shop. I miss the sounds, the smells all of it. I am already plotting my return.



We finally crossed the bridge to Wales and I loved every bit of it. The rolling green hills and castles just make you want to sing every Ed Sheeran song out loud. Cardiff Castle was spectacular and I am proud to report, I did indeed lick a part of it.


Port Elizabeth

Greenlydia - A South African Travel Blog

Flew to PE for a day, to have breakfast and hug my best friend. Because of this her second son was born a day later (just for us to be able to hug) As I was lying in hospital the next day, a beautiful smiling soul Eli was born and I was JUST in time to hug his mom (and dad and brother) PE (Sea View) took my breath away. I hadn’t been there since I was a kid and Waking up to the ocean crashing in front of you and wide open white beaches was just, wow. Cannot wait to go back.



Greenlydia - A South African Travel Blog

Brighton was weird and colourful and full of great beer and tiny odd little lanes. A highlight was a long stroll along the beach (it has stones not sand it’s SO weird)



Greenlydia - A South African Travel Blog

Bath is simply beautiful. The baths and the spa are always favourites but this time around I wondered off on my own got some coffee and found a spot to sit in front of the Abbey. I just sat there listening to street musicians play. I loved it.


The Cradle of humankind

This year Sunday drives became a regular outing. We hop in the 2 convertibles and enjoy long winding Sunday afternoon drives through the cradle. I honestly live for Sundays. It has become my most relaxing day of the week.


 Kunjani Wine

This has been the biggest projects of my life. After 2 years of work, more setbacks and curve balls that one team should have to endure in a lifetime. But we did it. We opened the doors. It is spectacular. And I am honoured to even have the smallest part in it.


Greenlydia - A South African Travel Blog

2017 was hard. But I would have hard over mediocre any day. Here is to what 2018 holds. If I made it this far, I am pretty sure I can handle (most) of what 2018 has in store.



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