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I feel like we say it every year, “this year just flew by”. But in all honesty, it really has. 2016 was one of the toughest years yet and although many things improved, others just went to total shit. I feel like this year more than any other everyone just understands this and feels the same.

2016 taught me that trying does pay off. Some friends are worth more than gold and other will just never really regard you as highly as you regard them. I learnt being married isn’t all rose coloured fluff and happiness. But if you work at it the rewards are damn sweet. I learnt things break and not being able to fix them is okay. I learnt great neighbours are the absolute best. This year I managed to fall and fly. I realised how much I love what I do and one day soon it will pay off.

I hope even though this year was a major ball of flaming shit, you learnt something.

Here are my places of importance for 2016

Randfontein “Your value for money town” – I kid you not. This is the town slogan.


Ok so it’s in the middle of nowhere. So we might not have a Mcdonalds. But more than ever this dusty tiny town is home. Home is where your people are and my people are here. Buying home made rolls and russians from Johnnys cafe.

Brackenfell – Where I grew up


I left this place when I was 18. Through all the years this house has always been home. I am the only one in the family who went to 1 primary school and 1 high school. from aged 6 to 18 I lived in this house. Since I have spent December holidays there and had more cups of coffee on that porch than I can count. Last month this house was sold. I will miss it.



We escaped for a few days to Mpumalanga and stayed in the MOST beautiful stone cottage in the hills just outside of Nelspruit.  We did nothing but eat, sleep and explore the ruins. It was fascinating. We were lucky enough to visit Adams Calander on the winter solstice.

AugrabiesThe place of great noise 



We took a little trip to Augrabies. I have been meaning to go there for years. My dad (and Grand Parents) are from the tiny town of Augrabies and I vaguely remember visiting there when I was younger. We met up with friends and camped in the National Park. It was bliss. I loved every second of it. The super-fit friends convinced us to go for a hike and I DIDN’T DIE! I left a little piece of me in that valley.




Work was sheer madness this year. I have learnt more in this one year than I ever had in any position. There were some great highs and some incredible lows. I learnt what I was capable of and it might have been tough but I am so proud of the work I was able to do this year. Some BIG things are coming to Stellenbosch in 2017 and I can’t wait to share more details.

Last year was tough. This year was tougher. But we made it.  2017 WILL be better. It has to be. It is also filled with some great international trips that I can’t wait to write about.

What was your stand out place for 2016? Drop me a comment below.



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