2 tone


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You want to paint your nails but just don’t feel like sitting around waiting for it to dry? I have “meh” days where I just need it too look good but I don’t have time to get all fancy. This 2 tone is the perfect answer. You can use any colour with a glitter overlay. Stop painting one nail on your hand in glitter. You look lazy. Actually you look like one of the girls from My big fat gypsy wedding. Be a little more creative than that.




Start off by smoothing nails with file and buff, nothing fancy. 




Once you and your nails are on speaking terms again it is time for a base coat. Those of you reading this who don’t use one, you’re being stupid. With a proper base coat your nails can last up to one week longer.



I use this one from essence. 24/7 nail base. 

SUCH a good investment. R36.90 from my local Clicks. 



Take your time for this one to dry. By time I mean don’t touch your face for 5 minutes. 

This colour is called English Rose from essence. A very easy pretty dirty pink to match with almost anything. 

(one coat does the trick)

english rose




Next up it the glitter. 

I used a maroon glitter for this part. 

Dip the brush once and then start painting right against the cuticle. Now smudge outwards dabbing the brush lighter and lighter. This creates the look of gradient nails without the effort of the sponge (dabbing only works with glitter)


And just like that you have fancy-ass nails 🙂 



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